How to Lose Weight Without Giving Up Beer

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If looking to lose weight, then giving up beer altogether is probably the best idea. However, losing weight should be part of a transition to a healthier lifestyle, rather than the sudden giving up of all of one’s pleasures only to lapse into bad habits further down the line. As such, here are some hints and tips to aid weight loss without giving up beer altogether.

Weight Loss and Beer: Why Beer Prevents Weight Loss

The simple problem for those looking to lose weight without giving up beer is that beer is a high calorie drink. Made from grain, sugar yeast and water one can recognise that these are the key ingredients for another staple food in the form of bread. In short, beer is the equivalent of “liquid bread”. As such, one must count the calories in the drink as part of the daily calorie intake if effective weight loss is to be attained without giving up beer.

In addition to the calories present in beer, beer is also an alcoholic drink. One of the negative effects of alcohol for those looking to lose weight is that alcohol makes the body less efficient at burning calories in the first place. As such, beer had a double negative effect of containing a large amount of calories whilst slowing down the bodies ability to burn calories effectively.

Losing Weight Without Giving up Beer: Hints and Tips on Weight Loss Without Giving Up Beer

  • Moderation – The best tip as to enable weight loss without giving up beer is to exercise moderation. The calories of all beer drank should be included as part of the total daily calorie intake count and thus one should stick to the desired total intake for the day.
  • Bottles – Switching to bottled beer is an excellent way of cutting down the amount of beer drank. A typical bottle contains around 330ml which is a much small amount than the 568ml found in a British pint serving.
  • Low Carb Beer – Many producers now produce special low carb beers, this is a great way of cutting down the number of calories consumed while drinking beer. However, it should be noted that such low carb beers are lower calorie beers and by no means a low calorie drink.
  • Type of Beer – Every beer will have its own unique number of calories to consider. However, in general thick dark beers such as ales and stouts will have a higher calorie content than lighter beers such as larger.

In summary, if looking to lose weight then giving up beer is probably the best option. However, effective weight loss can still be achieved by cutting down on the amount of beer drank and switching from darker beers to lighter lower calorie alternatives.

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