Homebrewing Education

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Homebrewing Terms

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In order to speak the language of those who brew their own beer at home –or at least to understand those who do– it helps to know the vocabulary.

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Brewing Beer With Non Malt Sugars

Commercial brewers don’t limit themselves to one source of fermentable sugar to create their beer and neither should homebrewers. There are plenty of alternatives around

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Malt- the Base of Beer

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Malt is one of the four primary ingredients needed to brew beer, but it contributes the most to the overall beer character.

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A Brief History of Beer – Ancient Times

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Dating back to the 6th Millennium BCE, beer is one of the oldest beverages in the world. The oldest references to beer date back to ancient Sumeria

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Organic Beers

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With the rapidly spreading interest in organic foods and ingredients, “organic beer” has become the new buzzword in the worldwide brewin industry.

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Beer and Brewing Lingo

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Ever want to feel like you’re on the inside when brewers and marketers start throwing unique and obscure beer and brewing terms around? Now you can…

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Alcohol in Homebrew

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Folks who brew their own beer at home –especially beginners– don’t always have a good understanding of how alcohol is created and how it can be measured. Here’s how…

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How is Beer Brewed?

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This article presents the entire beer-making process at the commercial level in a very clear and concise manner -from malting to packaging, it’s all there.

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Hops, the Spice of Beer

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Often misunderstood and underappreciated, hops role in beer is vital. From aroma to flavor to bitterness, hops’ unique character and contribution can’t be denied.