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The Basics of Ale

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With an increasing number of brewers and an expanding array of colors, styles, and varieties, ales are rapidly growing in popularity with beer enthusiasts.

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Beers of Europe – Lagers and Ales

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Even though beer may not have gotten its start in Europe, it was certainly perfected in Europe. Find out the vast variety of beer by nation in Europe

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American Microbrew Beer Styles

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From lagers to ales, discover the many types of microbrew beers hand crafted in the U.S. If variety’s truly the spice of life, U.S. beer enthusiasts have it made.

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Beer – Understanding A Complex Drink

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The craft of brewing beer has been respected and perfected throughout the centuries; ale, lager, stout, and pilsner all contribute to its complex history.

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How to Lose Weight Without Giving Up Beer

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Beer and weight loss are not automatic great partners. However, moderation and a few changes can mean effective weight loss without having to give up beer.